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Drying Oven NDO-204

Drying Oven NDO-204

Drying Oven NDO-204

Drying Oven NDO-204 is a microprocessor-controlled unit that offers a capacity of 40L. It operates at a temperature range from 50 to 200 ℃. Our oven is designed with a low-noise fan and air duct system that ensures uniform temperature. Integrated with digital display for real-time monitoring of variable parameters.


Capacity 40 L
Temperature range 50 to 300℃
Temperature Resolution 0.1℃
Temperature Fluctuation ± 1℃
Number of Shelves 2
Timer 0 to 9999 min
Power Consumption 500 W
Power Supply 110V 60Hz /220V 50Hz
Internal Dimension (W × D × H) 350 × 350 × 350 mm
External dimension (W × D × H) 620 × 630 × 520 mm
Net Weight 38 kg
Gross Weight 52 kgs



Drying Oven is widely utilized in the food industry, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, textiles, environmental testing, research, and development.

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Drying Oven