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Flow Cytometer NFC-100

Flow Cytometer NFC-100

Flow Cytometer NFC-100

Flow Cytometer NFC-100 is a rapid quantitative analytical instrument for enhanced analysis of multiple cell parameters and high throughput sorting of individual cell from a cell population with a high speed linear flow. It is equipped with an avalanche photodiode detector (APD) that converts light-cell interactions into electrical output signal which is then displayed on the monitor in statistical form.


Optical Alignment Fixed, no operator alignment required
Flow pool dimensions 420×170µm
Flow cell material Quartz
Flow cell efficiency 1.2 NA
Scatter Resolution 0.2 µm
Cell size 0.5-60 µm
Detectable granularity range 0.2-60 µm
Fluorescence Resolution ≤2% CV(fluorescent beads),≤3% CV for CEN
Wavelengths Double laser with 488nm and 638 nm
Standard Filter Configuration Laser (488 nm/638 nm) 6 color analysis
Laser 530 nm BP FITC, 585 nm BP PE,700nmBP Per CP -Cy5.5/PE-Cy5,785nmBP PE-Cy7, 638 lasers: 660 nm BP APC, 785 nm BP APC-Cy7
Heat engine time <4 minutes
Sample Acquisition Rate 45,000 events/second
Sample Flow Rate 15~ 235μL/Min
Sheath Flow Rate 500mL/h
Sample Aspiration Volume 20µL-5mL
Forward sensitivity 0.5 µm
Lateral sensitivity 0.2 µm
Fluid Container Capacity 6 L sheath, 6 L waste, 250 ml cleaning
Carryover ≤0.1%
Dynamic Range >6 logs ,18 bit; 5.4 decades logarithmic scale
Workstation 23” monitor
Computer Operating System Windows 10
Software CytoSYS 1.0
Sample loading capacity 2 × 75 mm tube, 1.5 mL eppendorf tubes
Power Requirements 98-264VAC,50Hz±1Hz
Rated Power (W) 100 W
Environmental conditions Temperature:15-32°C; Relative Humidity: 80%
Overall dimensions (W×D×H) 440×440×520 mm
Net Weight 32Kg


  • Compact design with stable performance
  • It possess strong specificity, high sensitivity and linearity
  • It allows Multi factor analysis of samples
  • It has function of cell/particle counting
  • It is featured with high performance filter with minima signal loss for transmission and reflection
  • Automated system with initial starting, cleaning and shutdown process
  • Visual compensation tools available for pre/post/live acquisition
  • Optical path with space separation excitation, space separation reception, and no fiber conduction


It is widely used for analysis of Peripheral blood, bone marrow, fine needle aspirations, solid tissue or adherent cultured cells, microorganisms, microspheres, chromosomes, serum, plasma, supernatant, cell lysate etc for performing various assays like sperm DNA Fragment (DFI), assay of white cells in semen,(CD45), cell apoptosis(Annexi V/PI), acrosome assay(PNA-FIC/PI), urinary and reproductive infection(CD64, cell multifactor, Activated oxygen species for sperms(ROS), round cell contamination, mitochondrial membrane protein, Caspase activation, Th1, Th2 etc.

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