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Anaerobic Incubator NAC-100

Anaerobic Incubator NAC-100

Anaerobic Incubator NAC-100

Anaerobic Incubator NAC-100 is perfect for laboratories where the growth and identification of bacteria need the absence of oxygen. The incubator is designed with a double widen door in a way that it can put more petri dishes. The product is equipped with leakage protection.


Maintenance time >12 hours
Temperature Range RT +3~60°C
Temperature stability < ±0.3°C
Temperature uniformity < ±0.1°C
Display resolution 0.1°C
Timing range 1~9999minutes
Power rating 600 W
Power supply AC 220V, 50HZ
Net/gross weight (kg) 240/320
Interior chamber size (cm) 30 ×19 ×29
Operation chamber size (cm) 82×66×67
Exterior size (cm) 126×73×138
Package size (cm) 139×92×156



These are atmosphere-controlling devices created for use when handling oxygen-sensitive items, when a product needs to be contained, or when general isolation control is required. This device can be used for processing, cultivation and analysing materials in research fields without being exposed to breathable oxygen.

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Anaerobic Incubator