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Tri Gas Incubator NTGI-100

Tri Gas Incubator NTGI-100

Tri Gas Incubator NTGI-100

Tri Gas Incubator NTGI-100 offers a 180-liter capacity and operates effectively between ambient +5℃ to 60℃ temperatures. It integrates microprocessor PID control for efficient management of CO₂ levels, ensuring optimal conditions. Our incubator includes HEPA filtration for superior air quality and to control contamination. It uses a dual-beam IR CO₂ sensor for precise CO₂ detection across temperature and humidity changes.


Volume 180 L
Temperature Range Ambient +5℃ to 60℃
Temperature Accuracy ±0.1℃ (37℃)
Temperature Resolution 0.1℃
Temperature Control Digital PID
CO₂ Range 0% to 20%
CO₂ Accuracy ±0.1% (5% / 37℃)
CO₂ Resolution 0.001
CO₂ Sensor IR CO₂ Sensor
CO₂ Control Microprocessor
Inlet pressure range 0.6 to 0.7bar
O₂ Range 0.6 to 85%
O₂ Sensor Zirconium dioxide sensor
Display LED Display
Operating panel Individual 2-Channel Touch Button
Jacket type Dry Wall Type (six-side gradient heating design)
Chamber material Stainless Steel (304)
IP code IP20
Number of shelves 3 (max 8)
Power 230V, 50Hz
Chamber dimension 538 × 473 × 710 mm
Overall dimension 560 × 620 × 945 mm
Weight 78 kg



Tri Gas Incubator is used for precise environmental control in cultivating and experimenting with biological samples. It finds applications in laboratories and research facilities for controlled environments in cell culture, microbiology, tissue culture, and pharmaceutical testing.

Standard Accessories

Blue PVC Tube × 3

Shelf × 3
Power Cord × 1
485 Communication Joint × 1
Water Pan
HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filter)

Optional Accessories

Holes for auxiliary monitoring

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