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Laboratory Sieve Shaker NLSS-100

Laboratory Sieve Shaker NLSS-100

Laboratory Sieve Shaker NLSS-100

Laboratory Sieve Shaker NLSS-100 is an automated agitator that help determine size of solid or liquid particles by passing it through series of chamber or sieves with mesh filters. Featuring amplitude and timer control, it helps in reproducible rests as a result of uniform motion and consistency better than hand sieving. Customizations are available in terms mesh size, type of sieve as well as maximum and minimum particle size. These sieve shakers are generally to compliment research as well as quality control applications.


Maximum working layers 8
Sieve diameter 200 mm
Mesh size 10, 20, 50, 80, 100mm etc. (customizable)
Body material Stainless steel 304
Sieve material Stainless steel 305
Timer 0 seconds ~ 99 mins
Rated power 0.12 kW
Rated speed 1440 r/min
Vibration amplitude 1~4 mm
Power supply AC 110/220V ± 10%, 50/60Hz
External dimension (H × L × W) 900 × 440 × 420 mm
Net weight 38 kg
Weight 60 kg


  • Can be used for dry and wet sieving
  • Consistent sieving action allows for high separation efficiency
  • Adjustable process parameters
  • Easy operation with ergonomic design


Used in particle size distribution and sizing distribution of raw materials, finished products across research laboratory and quality control testing units.

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