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Homogenizer Mixer NLM-100

Homogenizer Mixer NLM-100

Homogenizer Mixer NLM-100

Homogenizer Mixer NLM-100 is a motor-driven mixing apparatus used for emulsification or homogenization of a compound mixture. It is equipped with a unique shaft stirrer design that helps in the mixing of viscous liquid mixtures with high shear stress. The microprocessor-controlled system ensures safe operation during voltage fluctuations and regulates the speed at desired levels.


Rated voltage AC220
Rated frequency 50/60
Rated torque 34.1 N. cm
Speed regulation range 1000-14000
Treatment capacity (H20) 300~20000
Input power 850
Output power 500
Allowable ambient temperature Not more than 40
Timing control range 1-1000
Maximum processing viscosity 8000mPa. s
Working mode Sl (continuous)
Packing dimensions (W×D×H) 1000-14000rpm
Weight 215×310×720 mm



It is ideally used in a laboratory set up and areas like research and development, QA analysis and small-scale food and detergent manufacturing industries.

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Homogenizer Mixer