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Floor Balance NIEB-100

Floor balance NIEB-100

Floor Balance NIEB-100

Floor balance NIEB-100 is a multi-use weighing balance with advanced precision part counting function. The weight of an object can be analyzed in units like kilogram (kg), gram (g), ounce (oz), and pounds (lb). It is featured with external/ internal calibration to retain the smooth functionality of the instrument.


Square Pan Dimensions(L×W) 400×500 mm
Capacity 250 kg
Display (L×W) 110×30 mm
Readability 10 g
Height from indicator to pan 940 mm
Height from Pan to floor 120 mm
Indicator (L×H) 250×150 mm
Speed 1 s
Value stable time 2 s
Power Supply AC/DCAC 100~120V 60Hz ; AC 220~240V 50Hz



It is widely used in food processing and manufacturing factories while shipping, loading dock, trucking of processed or under process goods. It is also used for certain applications in test laboratories etc

Optional Accessories

Accessories No Name
1 Rechargeable battery
2 Windshield printer
3 Weighing hook
4 RS232 interface

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Floor Balance