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Stereo Microscope NSM-104


Stereo Microscope NSM-104

Stereo Microscope NSM-104 is an optical instrument with low magnification aids in three-dimensional surface screening of opaque or relatively thick specimens. It is equipped with a working stage made of a fine glass material to hold the specimen under study in place. It is featured with a brightness knob to regulate the desired amount of light illumination for the better visualization of attributes

Stereo Microscope NSM-104
  • Ergonomic and unique design
  • Wide field Plan-scope Eyepiece
  • Adjustment of desired magnification is possible
  • Transmission and reflected LED illumination
  • It performs with a long working distance and large field range
  • Precise, coarse, and fine focusing knobs on either side
Viewing head Trinocular view head inclined at 45° Digital view head inclined at 45°
Eyepiece High point wide field adjustable eyepiece WF10X20mm
Zoom objective 0.67X to 4.5X
Zoom ratio 6.7:1
Auxiliary objective 0.5X/177mm, 1.5X/47mm, 2X/26mm
Working distance 115 mm
Focusing bracket Focusing frame and adjustment knob
Interpupillary distance 55-75mm/52-75mm
Illumination LED lamp 110/220V Halogen (only for 220V)
Up illumination 12V/15W Inclined reflected halogen lamp
Down illumination 12V/15W Halogen transmitted illumination
Power supply AC110/220V±10%, 50/60Hz
Dimension 500 × 260 × 370 mm
Gross weight 8 kg

It is widely used in medicine, healthcare products, human health consulting, beauty care and other fields. It is also used for individual microcirculation monitoring


2 ,3 or 5 MP Camera

CMOS electronic eyepiece

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