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Horizontal Autoclave NHA-101


Horizontal Autoclave NHA-101

Horizontal Autoclave NHA-101 is a cyclindrical, horizontal pressure steam sterilizer with an automatic pressure-temperature controller. These front-loading autoclaves combine of high temperature and pressure to bring about decontamination and sterilization of biological waste, culture media, instruments and lab ware. The whole body is a highly durable stainless steel with an installed electric heater for more efficient steam production and advanced vacuum for enhanced drying of discarded material. It is user-friendly and play important role in sterilization procedures across various Hospitals, Pharmaceutical companies, Biopharma and Microbiology laboratories etc.

Horizontal Autoclave NHA-101
  • Stainless steel body
  • Protection against heating and pressure
  • Automatic-controlled functions
  • LED to display working status and touch-type key
  • Power cut-off in case of water shortage
  • Automatic shutdown after completion of sterilization
Capacity 200 L
Body 304 Stainless Steel
Chamber Volume ∮ 515 × 1000 mm
Working Pressure 0.22 Mpa
Working Temperature 134°C
Heat Fluctuation ≤ ± 1°C
Time for sterilization 0 - 60 min
Time for drying 0 - 60 min
Adjustable temperature range 105°C - 134°C
Power 9 kW/ AC220V, 50Hz
Overall Dimension 1400 × 670 × 1650 mm
Packing Dimension 1560 × 820 × 1850 mm
Net Weight 260 kg
Gross Weight 350 kg

Employed for sterilization in microbiological, pharmaceutical, clinical and hospital labs.


Accessories No Name
1 Pressure gauge
2 Water level controller
3 Heating element
4 Wire baskets
5 Silicon gasket for the lid
6 Soft tube
6 Spanner
6 Power cord

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