Benchtop Refrigerated Centrifuge NBRC-100

Benchtop Refrigerated Centrifuge NBRC-100 is an ergonomically designed high speed centrifugation. It allows effective and precise separation of biological components, separation of blood /plasma components in a sample under low temperature conditions for heat labile samples. The microprocessor-controlled system overcomes the adverse conditions like over speed and imbalanced rotor by automatically reducing rotation speed levels. It is featured with an electronic lid lock that ensures the safety of the equipment as well as of the user.


Maximum RPM 16000 rpm
Maximum RCF 17800×g
Temperature control (-20 to 40°C)
Maximum Capacity 4×100 ml
Chamber diameter ϕ280mm
Chamber height 160mm
Noise ≤ 55dB
Power supply 1000W,220V 50Hz
Net Weight 65kg
Gross Weight 80Kg
Overall Dimensions 610×622×360mm


  • Brushless maintenance free DC motor
  • Stainless steel structure
  • Corrosion resistant rotors
  • Automatic Rotor identification
  • High definition to display the RCF/RPM
  • Electronic lid lock for safety purpose
  • Adjustable motor frequency with low noise operation


It is widely used in research laboratories, hospitals and healthcare sectors, universities, also in biology, chemistry laboratories and clinical research studies etc.

Optional Accessories

Rotor No. Maximum Capacity (mL) Maximum Speed (rpm) Maximum RCM (xg)
1 121.5/2ml 16000 17800
2 85ml 13000 11400
3 610/15ml 12000 14800
4 241.5/2ml 13500 17760
5 480.5ml 12000 14800
6 361.5/2ml 13500 17600
7 650ml 11000 12000
8 4100ml 10000 9800
9 2248holes 4000 1400
10 850ml 8000 9800
11 815ml 6000 11400
12 1215/10ml 8000 9800
13 281.5/2.2ml 16000 15450

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