Laboratory Mini Centrifuge NLMC-100

Laboratory Mini Centrifuge NLMC-100 is a compact centrifugation system designed for spinning down of precipitates or cell pellet of liquid sample with smaller quantities. It can support interchangeable rotor to accommodate micro tubes as well as PCR tubes. It is equipped with highly effective driving DC motor with low noise levels and reliable performance.


Maximum RPM 7000 rpm
Maximum RCF 2680 × g
Maximum Capacity 0.2/0.5/1.5/2.0ml× 8; 0.2ml×16 PCR strips; 0.2ml× 2 PCR 8 strips
Noise ≤45dB
Power supply AC110-240V/50Hz/60Hz
Rated Power 20W
Overall Dimensions 160×170×122mm
Net Weight 0.5kg


  • Easy to operate or handle
  • Dual Start/stop function
  • Fixed Speed with low noise levels
  • No tools required to load and fix the desired rotor
  • It has short acceleration and brake time intervals


It is widely used in Scientific Research institutes, Molecular biology laboratories, cell culture laboratories, Chemical and Industrial quality control testing departments etc.

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