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Leaf Area Meter NLAM-100

Leaf Area Meter NLAM-100

Leaf Area Meter NLAM-100

Leaf area meter NLAM-100 is a hand-held leaf area measuring instrument that can measure the leaf area and other parameter of leaf such as area, circumference, length, width, aspect ratio, and shape factor, in real time, accurately, quickly, and without damage. It can also measure the area of picked plant leaves and other sheet objects


Maximum scanning length Over 2000mm
Maximum effective scanning width 213mm
Scanning speed 150mm/s
Sensor Custom contact remote sensor
Area measurement accuracy less than ±2% (rectangular sample area greater than 10cm2)
Area resolution 0.1mm2
Length resolution 1mm
Width resolution 0.1mm
Maximum measurement thickness ≤3mm
Display 122×32 dot matrix, 2 lines, Chinese and English interface display
Data storage 5000 sets of measurement data
Interface USB2.0
Power supply 7V lithium rechargeable battery
Power more than 500 scans per charge
Volume 34×6×4(cm)
Working temperature 0~50℃
Weight 1.5kg



It is widely used in agriculture, meteorology, forestry and other departments.

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Leaf Area Meter