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Portable Laboratory Dehumidifier NPLD-108

Portable Laboratory dehumidifier NPLD-108

Portable Laboratory Dehumidifier NPLD-108

Portable Laboratory Dehumidifier NPLD-108 can remove up to 30 liters of moisture per day. It features an active carbon filter to ensure air purity. The timer can be set from 1 to 24 hours according to operator requirement. The LED display shows the current humidity levels for user convenience. Our device is controlled by a microcomputer for easy and intelligent operation. It supports continuous drainage with built-in drains. It works efficiently at low temperatures, thanks to its automatic defrosting system.


Dehumidifying Capacity 20 L/24 H
Water tank 5.1 L
Humidity Adjusted Range 40 % to 90 % RH
Timing Range 1 to 24 hrs
Air Flow Rate 280 m³/h
Refrigerant R134A
Coverage Area 30 to 70 m³
Applying Area R410a
Power Consumption 80 to 120 m²
Power Supply 280 W
External Dimension (W × D × H) 220V/50Hz or optional 110V/60Hz
Packaging Dimensions (W × D × H) 373 × 266 × 612 mm
Net Weight 410 × 310 × 680 mm
Gross Weight 14 kg



Portable laboratory dehumidifiers find applications across various sectors, including laboratories, industrial facilities, commercial spaces, and residential environments

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