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Fiber Analyzer NFA-101

Fiber Analyzer NFA-101

Fiber Analyzer NFA-101

Fiber Analyzer NFA-101 is a fully automated unit that offers a measurement range spanning from 0.1% to 100% fiber content. It can handle up to 30 samples simultaneously for high-throughput analysis. Our analyzer can operate within temperatures ranging from room temperature to 100°C for efficient results. Equipped with a color LCD touchscreen for intuitive interaction and clear visual feedback during analysis. With its advanced design, this machine efficiently determines NDF, ADF, hemicellulose, and ADL.


Measuring Range 0.1% to 100%
Capacity/Batch Up to 30 samples simultaneously
Time Consumption/Run 120 Minutes
Relative Deviation ≤ 4%
Repeatability ≤ 4%
Sample Volume/Bag 0.2 to 5.0g
Temperature Range Ambient temperature to 100°C
Safety Requirement Enclosed space, off-hand operation
Installation Requirement Routine laboratory environment, no need for cooling water
Capacity per Day About 90 to 180 (under the condition of 8 hours working and with different fiber.)
Power Supply AC220V 50Hz
Dimensions 375 × 500 × 450 mm
Weight 25 kg



Fiber Analyzer is used for precise analysis of fiber content and characteristics in various items across industries, streamlining quality control and research processes.

Standard Accessories

Filter Bag × 100 pcs

Filter Head × 3 pcs
Filter Bag Tray × 1 pc
Dry Bag × 1 pc
Weighing Cup × 1 pc
Solvent Resistant Marking Pen × 1 pc
Heating Sealer S200 × 1 pc
Rubber Hose Φ15×Φ8mm × 2 Meters
Silicon Rubber Pipe Φ12×Φ8mm × 6 Meters
Pipe Clamp Φ12 × 4 pcs
Pipe Clamp × 1 pc
Touch Pen × 1 pc

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