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Hand-Held XRF Analyzer NPXRF-101

Hand-Held XRF Analyzer NPXRF-101

Hand-Held XRF Analyzer NPXRF-101

Hand-Held XRF Analyzer NPXRF-101delivers the performance needed for rapid metal alloy identification. We provide the analyzer with a waterproof and dustproof large high-resolution LCD and the latest digital signal processor. Our range of handheld XRF machines is developed with Photoelectron, microelectronics, semiconductors, computers, and many other technologies to deliver results you can trust. It has the minimum detection limits of 1 to 500 ppm. It obeys the method of Energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence to detect the samples.


Analytical Method Energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence analytical method
Elements Measuring Range Atomic numbers from 12 to 92[elements from magnesium (Mg) to uranium(U)] can be measured
Simultaneous Detector Elements Simultaneous analysis of 40 elements
Microcomputer System Customized system; CPU: 1G, System memory: 1G, Extended stored maximum support: 32G, Standard: 4G for mass storage data
The Content-Range ppm to 99.99%
The Detection Time 1 to 60 seconds (a second report results)
A Built-In System GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
Power Supply Rechargeable lithium battery, Standard is 9000mAh, sustainable work up to 12 hours, optional is 27000mAh super battery with wide voltage 110V – 220V universal adapter for recharging the power supply
Detection Objective Solid, Liquid, Powder
Detector SDD detector or Fast-SDD detector(optional)
Detector Resolution Minimum can reach 128eV
The Excitation Source 50KV/200uA-silver target end window integrated miniature X-ray tube and high voltage power supply
Collimator And Filter Collimator diameters are 4.00mm and 2.0mm, 6 kinds of filters with automatic switching functions
Video System 500W pixel high-resolution camera
Display System Brand new 5-inch transflective LCD touch screen, the resolution is 1080 x 720
Detection Limit The minimum detection limits from 1 to 500 ppm
Safety Multiple safety protection: No tests Multiple safety protection: No tests No radiation Radiation levels at work are far below the international safety standards and have no sample telemetry Automatic shut X light tube function. Standard radiation shields Thickened wall alloy test instrument
Specialty Ore special edition analysis software, using intelligent one key test
Convenience Of Application Key intelligent matching the best curve that no need to select a curve
Data Transmission Digital multi-channel technology, SPI data transmission, Quick analysis, the high-count rateWaterproof mini-USB and can be connected with a desktop computer
Operating Ambient Humidity <90%
Operating Environmental Temperature -20°C to +50°C
Instrument Dimension 244mm (Length)× 90mm (Width)×330mm (Height)
Instrument Weight 1.7 KG
Intelligent Warning Signals Indicator System Greenlight means power on Red flashing means Testing Yellow flashing means the Problems


  • Small size, easy to handle with an instrument case which is convenient to handle the equipment
  • It is provided with a 5-inch-high resolution LCD with 360-degree rotation which is used to display multiple options
  • Delivered with a seal type with waterproof and dustproof function which can withstand severe environmental conditions
  • There is no necessity for sample preparation instead the device can directly measure and examine the surface of the sample which needs to be tested
  • The handheld design is beneficial and precisely tests the samples for a long time by its test block
  • Four essential parts are a miniature X-ray tube, fast -SDD detector, digital signal processor, and micro multichannel intelligent analysis module which will enhance the performance of the equipment
  • It has a large storage capacity and digital multiple channel technology to measure the mining spectral counts which can range up to 500k cps
  • It has a collimation filter system which is specially provided to meet the requirements of the users
  • It is provided with and 500W pixel high definition camera to view the sample position to reach high accuracy
  • The output can be delivered within 1 sec with the high efficient non-destructive performance
  • The equipment can work without helium by the ultra-optical path design and can detect the light elements starting from MG that fully meets the needs of users
  • A large lithium battery at 27000mAh is the particular part that can work for 3 days and it is furnished with a communicator and car charger to ensure power supply
  • An incorporated memory battery can continue to replace the battery power
  • It is intended with 2 models of working like user mode and expert mode. The user mode is used to detect the sample by one key operation while the expert mode is used for the detection of elements and advanced features to study in-depth analysis of the operation curve
  • It has an internal intensity correction method that can correct the deviations caused by an uneven sample of different geometrics, densities, and structures


This model is used for many applications like detecting precious metal alloy, iron and steel smelting, metal recycling, machinery manufacturing and processing, boiler pressure vessel, and aerospace industry

Standard Accessories

Three-military protection box is a compression

Waterproof and shock absorption
Universal charger and car charger
4G SD memory card and card reade
Two lithium batteries and a charger
PDA accessories
Radiation shields

Optional Accessories

The large battery

Seat type test support
Bluetooth printer
Manual pressure machine

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