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Benchtop COD Digester NBCD-100
Digestion capacity 9 vials
Vial volume Maximum 10ml
Vial dimension ф16 × 100 mm
Digestion temperature 20°C - 200°C
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Benchtop COD Digester NBCD-101
Digestion capacity 16 vials
Vial volume Maximum 10ml
Vial dimension ф16 × 150 mm / ф20mm × 150 mm
Digestion temperature 45°C - 190°C
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BOD Meter NBOD-100
Measurement range 0 to 4000mg/L
Measuring error ±10%
Cycle length 5days
Measure amount 6
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BOD Meter NBOD-101
Measuring range 0 to 4000 mg/L
Measuring error ±10%
Resolution 2 mg/L
Cycle length 1-5 days
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BOD Meter NBOD-102
Measurement range 0-4000mg/L
Measuring error ±10%
Cycle length 5 days
Measure amount 6
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COD analyzer NCA-100
COD high range COD low range
20-10000mg/L(subsection) 2-150mg/L(subsection)
COD < 50mg/L, accuracy ≤ ±5%; COD > 50mg/L, accuracy ≤ ±3% ≤ ± 5%
limits of detection
0.1mg/L 0.1mg/L
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Dissolved Oxygen Sensor NOS-100
Dissolved Oxygen Range 0~20 mg/L or 0~200 %
Dissolved Oxygen Sensor Optical DO sensor
Dissolved Oxygen Accuracy 0.01
Dissolved Oxygen Sensor Drift <1 % per year
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pH ORP meter NPOM-100
Model name NPOM-100
Measuring Range -2.00~20.00pH
Display Resolution 0.01pH
Measurement Accuracy ± 0.01pH
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