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Real Time Thermal Cycler NRTC-100

Real Time Thermal Cycler NRTC-100

Real Time Thermal Cycler NRTC-100

Real Time Thermal Cycler NRTC-100 is a laboratory apparatus that enables to perform reliable molecular biology operations. It is based on Peltier thermal cycle technology that provides efficient protection against physical stresses caused due to deviations in different temperature cycles. It is equipped with Fresnel lens that reduces the light collection of the non target area and thereby enhancing the sensitivity of analysis.


Sample capacity 0.1ml PCR tubes × 96, 8×12 PCR plate or 96 well plate ×1
Reaction volume 10-50 µl
Maximum Heating/Cooling rate 6 °C/s
Heating Temperature Range 4 °C - 100 °C
Temperature Accuracy ±0.2°C
Temperature Uniformity ±0.2°C at 60°C, ±0.2°C at 95°C
Temperature gradients setting range 30°C-100°C
Temperature gradient difference setting range 1°C - 36°C
Excitation light source 4/6 monochrome high efficiency LEDs
Detector Photomultiplier tube (PMT)
Excitation/detection wavelength range 455-650 nm/510-715 nm
No. of Fluorescent channels 4
Supported dye FAM/SYBR Green, VIC/JOE/HEX/TET, ABY/NED/TAMRA/Cy3, JUN, ROX/ Texas Red, Mustang Purple, Cy5/LIZ
Sensitivity Single copy gene
Resolution 1.33 folds copy number difference can be distinguished in single-plex qPCR
Dynamic range 10 orders of magnitude copies
Overall dimensions 830×750×650 mm
Net Weight 22 kg


  • Unique out frame protection design
  • Efficient and maintenance free LED light source
  • Optimized with time resolved signal resolution and unique temperature control technology
  • It performs advanced level functionality with respect to sensitivity, multicolour, crosstalk, temperature uniformity and accuracy
  • It supports all type of QPCR detection modes
  • It ensures high repeatability of every single fluorescent channel
  • Different fluorescent signals of the same sample are recorded at different intervals
  • High speed stepping motor and highly sensitive detector ensures that all signal acquisition of the entire sample plate is completed in a short time duration
  • Double FAM scanning of melting curve Scan time is shortened a lot
  • Effectively reduces the edge temperature variance
  • It provides USB interface for data transfer and to establish connectivity with other devices
  • The software installation can be configured with win10 system to adapt QPCR for various processes like Parameter setting function, Sample information recording function, Detection data output function, Data result analysis function ,and Fault reminder function etc


It has wide range of applications in different fields as one of the important molecular biology tool. It has multidisciplinary applications in clinical diagnosis, genotyping, gene therapy, regenerative medicines, forensic applications in paternity testing, food safety testing, protein expression studies etc.

Standard Accessories

Accessories No Name
1 96well plate
2 Power cable

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