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Return And Refund Policy

Welcome to our website, where you can count on receiving top-notch services for laboratory equipment. At every stage of your journey, we work to deliver an amazing experience to you. We intend to promote open and cooperative cooperation by including these notices, terms, and conditions in our agreement.

We highly value your happiness and confidence, therefore please get in touch with us if you have any queries or issues with any revised terms or policies.

We cordially invite you to browse our website www.labnics.com , where excellence and dependability meet.

Terms & Condition

1. Mode of transaction: We provide a simple and safe method of transaction for your orders. We enable wire transactions that go straight to the bank, making the procedure dependable and quick.

2. Order Placement Policy: 100% of the whole order value must be paid ahead as per our policy. This policy guarantees a quick and easy procedure, enabling us to quickly complete your order and send you the required laboratory equipment.

3. Transition period: We guarantee transparent communication and offer updates on your order. We will give you a receipt as a confirmation after the payment for your order has been handled properly.

4. Agreement: A non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement must be signed before we can release our price list.

5. Refund and replacement deadlines: Products eligible for returns and replacements must be claimed within 30 days after delivery. This will ensure a simple and hassle-free transaction.
Restocking Fee: 40% restocking fee, any costs for necessary inspection, reworking, or refurbishing, and two-way shipping fees are all applied to any product that is returned to us.

6. Warranty: We are happy to offer a one-year guarantee from the date of purchase period for our items.