Emergency Safety Shower NESS-104

Emergency Safety Shower NESS-104

Emergency Safety Shower NESS-104 is floor-mounted, free-standing emergency shower that help to flush the users full body washdown in case of contact with hazardous materials. Fairly simple to use, the overhead sprinkler discharges water at a specific rate at a standard pressure to drench and thoroughly remove the harmful material from the users body. Emergency safety showers are necessary in workplace settings that involve contact with highly corrosive, toxic or harmful substances.


Body Stainless steel SS316
Shower Head Stainless steel SS316
Function Rinse
Nominal pressure 1.0 Mpa
Working pressure 0.2 MPa ~ 0.4 Mpa
Shower flow rate ≥ 76 L/min
Eyewash flow rate ≥ 12 L/min
Water inlet size 2.75 inch
Water outlet size 2.75 inch
Working temperature 0 °C ~ 55 °C
Ambient temperature 0 °C ~ 55 °C
Overall dimension (W × D × H) 765 × 2122 × 2334 mm
Sprinkler Diameter Φ 260 mm
Weight 15.5 kg


  • Stainless steel body and shower head
  • Easy-to-use
  • Eye wash equipped with stainless lid
  • Prompt response on pulling the shower handle


Employed in workplaces like chemical and industrial plants, warehouses, processing plants and factories and even universities, schools and colleges.

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