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Soil Moisture Meter NSMM-100

Soil Moisture Meter NSMM-100

Soil Moisture Meter NSMM-100

Soil Moisture Meter NSMM-100 is mainly used to measure the moisture content of various planting soils and infrastructure soils. It is accompanied by a long probe specifically designed to estimate the moisture content of soils easily and accurately. It operates based on electrical resistance with automatic temperature compensation. It houses water-resistant ABS plastic, ideal for surviving harsh conditions.


Display Large screen backlit LCD liquid crystal display
Measuring range 0~80%
Accuracy 0.1
Response time 1 second
Power supply 4 AAA batteries
Measurement environment Temperature: -10℃~50℃ Humidity: <85% (no condensation) High frequency principle, temperature compensation
volume ± (0.5% n+1)
Net weight Host: 140mm×60mm×24mm Sensor: 6mm×235mm (length optional)


  • High-frequency principle
  • Automatic shutdown function
  • Wider working range
  • Fast measurement speed
  • The wide-screen digital backlight display can clearly display the measurement reading even in an environment with insufficient light
  • Small size, light weight, and strong anti-interference performance
  • Alarm function: the function of holding the maximum value of the measured value
  • Choose different codes according to different species, greatly improving the accuracy of measurement


Soil Moisture Meter NSMM-100 is widely used in agricultural, horticultural, and environmental industry.

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