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Mini Electrophoresis System NMES-100

Mini Electrophoresis System NMES-100

Mini Electrophoresis System NMES-100

Mini Electrophoresis System NMES-100 is a compact, mini gel horizontal electrophoresis system that is designed for quick and easy separation of DNA or nucleic acids. It is an assembly with a high retaining capacity buffer tank with a leakproof feature that ensures stable pH and temperature throughout the resolution of a gel. It is equipped with a transparent safety lid that prevents volatilization of buffer and electricity leakage as well as window for viewing above the gel. Such compact model is ideal for personal use, small laboratories or the classroom.


Bath volume 230 ml
Bath dimensions (W×D×H) 110 × 121 × 43 mm
Timer 1~99 min
Input Power AC220~240V with transformer 50~60Hz
Output Power DC35V/DC50V/DC100V
Maximum power consumption 40W
Dimensions 190 × 130 × 60 mm
Weight 1.5 kg


  • Complete system, includes gel box, power supply and casting sets
  • Compact and easy operation with small footprint
  • Suitable for agarose and polyacrylamide gel
  • Cover and slide slab made of polycarbonate with ABS with high temperature resistance


It is widely used for various purposes of gene cloning, expression studies, immune electrophoresis and cellulose acetate membrane electrophoresis, purity detection of antigen and antibody, clinical examination, medical research and educational purpose.

Standard Accessories

Accessories No Name
1 Comb specifications (3mm x 1mm x 22; 5.6mm x 1mm x 12; 3mm x 1mm x 18; 5.6mm x 1mm x 10)
2 Gel Dimension (126 x 126 mm)
3 Gel Migration Board (110 x 60mm; 54 x 60mm)
4 Transformer [AC220V (input) / AC110V (output)]

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