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Quaternary High Pressure Liquid Chromatography NHLC-302

Quaternary High Pressure Liquid Chromatography NHLC-302

Quaternary High Pressure Liquid Chromatography NHLC-302

Quaternary High Pressure Liquid Chromatography NHLC-302 is a quaternary pump chromatography system. It is composed of a low pressure quaternary pump that delivers combination of eluent under the controlled reciprocating valve. It is equipped with tungsten and deuterium lamp as source of light and UV visible HPLC detector for precise separation and analysis of compounds with high operation reliability for extended time intervals. The instrument features an autosampler and a oven column for accurate loading of samples as well for rapid end results of the analysis.


Quaternary Pump Specifications:- Flow rate Range 0.001-10.000mL/min, 0.001mL increments
Flow accuracy ≤±0.2% (1.00ml/min, H2O, R.T., 8.5MPa)
Flow precision RSD≤ 0.06% (1.00ml/min, H2O, R.T., 8.5MPa)
Maximum pressure 50MPa (0.001mL/min-5.000mL/min) 20MPa (5.001mL/min-10.000mL/min)
Pressure accuracy ≤ ±3.0%
Pressure pulsation ≤0.1MPa
Composition range 0-100%
Composition precision ≤0.3% RSD
Composition accuracy ≤±1.0%
Quaternary Pump Dimensions (L×D×H) 540 × 400 × 160 mm
Quaternary Pump Weight 25 kg
Detector Specifications:- Type UV Visible
Light Source Deuterium Lamp and Tungsten Lamp
Wavelength 190-800nm
Wavelength repeatability ±1nm
Wavelength accuracy ±2nm
Baseline noise ≤ ±0.75×10-5AU (empty cell, 254nm, 1.0s)
Drift ≤2.0×10-4AU/h (empty cell, 254nm, 60min)
Path length 10mm
Detector Dimensions (L×D×H) 540 × 400 × 160 mm
Detector Weight 16 kg
Auto-sampler Specifications Sample capacity 1×120
Sample volume 0~100µL
Sample injection range 0-100ul(increment 0,.1ul)
No of Trays 1
Sample treatment number 120 bit
Cross contamination <0.005%
Sample injection repeatability RSD<0.3% (inject when full loop, 20ul quantitative loop)
Auto-sampler Dimensions (L×D×H) 540 x 400 x 300 mm
Auto-sampler Weight 23 kg
Power 220 V / 50 W
Oven Column Specifications :- Temperature control range Room temperature over 5℃-85℃
Temperature precision ≤ ±0.1℃
Column Dimensions (L×D×H) 540 × 400 × 120 mm
Column Weight 15 kg
Power Supply 220V/150W
Overall dimensions 1620 × 1200 × 440 mm
Weight 51 kg


  • Advanced and innovative design modules
  • Flexible System Configuration
  • Adjustable data collection frequency
  • Excellent optical path design improves the instrument signal to noise ratio
  • All components are controlled effectively via a Chromatographic Data-processing workstation
  • Automatically displays, prints, exports and starts other programs after the completion of a measurement
  • Integrated vacuum degasser with four channels
  • Multiple data analysis function, flexible peak identification and data management, etc
  • The monitoring system terminates the pump on exceeding its pre-limit pressure


It is used to separate and analyse a mixture of compounds in multidisciplinary fields like analytical chemistry laboratories, biochemistry, industrial purposes and Research & development studies.

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