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Gradient Thermal Cycler NGTC-201

Gradient Thermal Cycler NGTC-201

Gradient Thermal Cycler NGTC-201

Gradient Thermal Cycler NGTC-201 is an advanced molecular biology tool with Peltier based technology that independently controls deviation in thermal cycles. It is an automated system with a double gradient block that allows execution of two different PCR program simultaneously. It is featured with an email-alert function that notifies the user on termination of a program.


PCR Type Gradient
Capacity 6 × 16 × 0.2 ml
Temperature Range 0°C ~105°C
Heating Rate 5°C /s
Cooling Rate 4°C /s
Uniformity ≤±0.2°C
Accuracy ≤±0.1°C
Display Resolution 0.1°C
Ramping Rate 6°C
Temperature Control Block/ Tube
Gradient Uniformity ≤±0.2°C
Gradient Accuracy ≤±0.2°C
Gradient Temperature Range 30°C ~115°C
Gradient Type Dynamic gradient
Gradient Spread 6 zone, each 0.1°- 5°C
Hot Lid Temperature 30°C ~115°C
Number of Programs 20000 + USB flash
Maximum no. of steps 40
Maximum no. of cycles 100
Time Increment/Decrement 1 sec ~600 sec
Temperature Increment/Decrement 0.1°C - 10°C
Hold at 4℃ constant
Power Supply 100-240 VAC
Overall Dimensions (L×W×H) 390×270×255 mm
Net weight 18 kg


  • 10" LCD touch screen with graphical representation allows access for setting up and monitoring of thermal cycles
  • Provides good resistance to corrosive chemicals
  • High ramping rate allows quick heating and cooling of thermal blocks
  • Equipped with stepless adjustable hot lid with pressure protection
  • Reinforced aluminium module engineered with anodizing technology provides rapid heating-conducting property
  • Built-in 11 standard program file template
  • Large data storage capacity with USB2.0 and LAN interface to obtain connectivity with PC, software and printer
  • Equippe with WIFI, can be controlled through computer or cell phone
  • Automatic restart function post power failure
  • User login is secured with password to disallow unauthorized access to the system
  • Programmed with email-alert function on termination of thermal cycle


It is used for crucial analysis and optimization of PCR protocols with variable temperature settings for denaturation or elongation step. It has wide applications in fields of clinical, haematology, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and microbiological etc. Also, it is utilized in research and development sectors for genomics and proteomics studies.

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