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Gas Chromatography NGC-100

Gas Chromatography NGC-100

Gas Chromatography NGC-100

Gas Chromatography NGC-100 is a high-performance system with an advanced microcomputer-based temperature control system. Designed with a column oven, a data acquisition system, real-time instrument monitoring system, detection signal acquisition, PC control, 2 independent analogue signal outputs, and M6 software. The oven supports quick heat-up and rapid cool-down with an automatic back door opening and can hold up to 3 chromatographic columns. Features two sample injectors, each with independent temperature control, can be installed in the unit.


Display EPC (electronic pneumatic control) 7-inch touch screen display
Sample Introduction System sample injector and evaporation chamber
Column Oven
Temperature range Ambient temperature +7℃ ~ 420℃ (in 1℃ increment)
Temperature accuracy ± 0.02℃
Cooling time 350℃~100℃≤3min, 400℃~50℃ in 8-10 min at 25℃ ambient
Programmed temperature setting 0.1℃~80℃/min (in 1℃ increment)
Program ramps 20 ramps in total (99 ramps available with control workstation)
Size (L × W × H) 284 × 280 × 241mm (inside), 340 × 345 × 281mm (outside)
Flame Ionization Detector (FID)
Detection limit ≤8×10-12(n-hexadecane)
Drift ≤1.5×10-13A/h
Noise ≤3×10-14A/h
Linearity range ≥106
Thermal conductivity detector(TCD)
Maximum operating temperature 400 °C
Temperature control accuracy ± 0.1 °C
Sensitivity ≥10000mv • ml / mg (n-hexadecane)
Baseline noise ≤20uv
Baseline drift ≤100uv / 30min (after the instrument is stable for 2 hours)
Linear dynamic range ≥104
Flame Photometric Detector (FPD)
Detection limit ≤8×10-13g/s(P); ≤8×10‐11g/s(S)
Drift ≤2×10‐11A/30min
Baseline noise ≤5×10‐12A
Nitrogen-Phosphorus Detector (NPD)
Detection limit ≤5×10-12g/s(N) (Azobenzene), ≤5×10-13g/s(P) (Malathion)
Electron Capture Detector (ECD)
Detection limit ≤3×10-14g/ml (γ-666)
Drift ≤ 100μV/30min
Noise ≤ 40μV


  • High-performance system with an advanced microcomputer temperature-controlled system
  • M6 software is compatible with GLP/FDA-21 CFR Part 1 requirements and regulations
  • Advanced built-in data acquisition system, supporting real time instrument status monitoring, detection signal acquisition and PC control
  • Superior thermal performance column oven with multistage programmed temperature control function
  • Oven supports quick heat-up and rapid cool-down with automated back door opening
  • Intuitive display of timing program, detector status, measurement range and current setting
  • Flexible sample injection
  • 2 independent and analogue signals output
  • High sensitivity detector
  • Self-diagnosis function


Gas chromatography is used for separation and detection of thermally stable chemical compounds mainly in areas like environmental monitoring, food and technology, pharmaceutical drug testing, forensic department, biological analysis, geochemical research and clinical research.

Standard Accessories

Carrier Gas System: air source/ purification and desiccation device/ flow rate control device
Sample Introduction System: sample injector
Separation System: chromatographic column (packed column and capillary column)
Temperature Control System (Column Oven): constant temperature and programmed temperature
Detector: FID/ FPD/ NPD

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