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Floor Type Refrigerated Centrifuge NFRC-102

Floor type refrigerated Centrifuge NFRC-102

Floor Type Refrigerated Centrifuge NFRC-102

Floor type refrigerated Centrifuge NFRC-102 is a high-performance centrifuge with microprocessor control. Designed with brushless frequency conversion motor, touch panel, digital display, speeding and overheating safety functions, and door lock. It has 9 pre-set programs for everyday use, 35 programmable functions, automatically computed RCF, and adjustable acceleration and deceleration. It is a device free of carbon dust pollution, safe, and reliable, and it comes with a number of rotor options for the user to choose from.


Capacity 6 × 2400 ml
Max Speed 8000 r/min
Max RCF 16872 × g
Speed Accuracy ± 50 r/min
Timer Range 0 to 23 h 59 mins
AC/DC Rate 0 to 9 (Grade)
Control and Drive Microprocessor control
Motor Type Brushless frequency conversion motor
Daily Use Programs 9
Program Storage Capacity 35
Refrigeration System Imported high-performance compressor CFC free refrigeration system
Motor Power 3 KW
Refrigeration Power 2.5 KW
Noise ≤ 65 dB (A)
Power Supply AC 220 V, 50 Hz, 35A
Dimensions (L × W × H) 960 × 860 × 1200 mm
Net Weight 800 Kg


  • High-performance centrifuge with microprocessor control
  • 35 programmable functions with 9 pre-set programs for everyday use
  • Brushless frequency conversion motor gives high speed and instant control of speed
  • Digital display with touch panel makes operation easy
  • Speeding and overheating safety functions, door locks ensures personal and instrument safety
  • Adjustable acceleration and deceleration; automatically computed RCF
  • Number of rotor options to choose from


Floor type refrigerated centrifuge is used to separate temperature-sensitive mixtures in hospitals, blood bank, biochemistry, biopharmaceutical, genetics, molecular biology and scientific research industry.

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