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Micropipette NMP-113

Micropipette NMP-113

Micropipette NMP-113

Micropipette NMP-113 offers a volume range of 0.1 to 2.5 μL with 0.05 μL increments for precise liquid handling. It is a single-channel pipette that features adjustable volume settings, offering flexibility. The lower section of the unit is designed to be autoclaved, allowing for easy sterilization. It includes a digital display for clear and accurate volume readings. Our pipette features chemical-resistant tip cones for a secure seal and enhanced reliability.


No. of Channels 1
Volume Range 0.1 to 2.5 μL
Increment 0.05 μL
Test Volume 2.5 μL, 1.25 μL, 0.25 μL
Accuracy Error 2.5 μL: 0.0625 μL, 2.50%
1.25 μL: 0.0375 μL, 3.00%
0.25 μL: 0.03 μL, 12.00%
Precision Error 2.5 μL: 0.05 μL, 2.00%
1.25 μL: 0.0375 μL, 3.00%
0.25 μL: 0.015 μL, 6.00%



Micropipette is used for precise liquid handling in molecular biology experiments, clinical diagnostics, and pharmaceutical research ensuring accurate sample preparation and assay development.

Standard Accessories


Pipette Tip
Simple Bracket
Agar Tube

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