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UV Transilluminator NUVT-100


UV Transilluminator NUVT-100

UV transilluminator NUVT-100 is a modern UV transilluminator used to examine proteins and nucleic acids. Equipped with a camera port rack, a transmission filter, a reflective filter, a nano-medical UV lamp, and an anti-UV observation window. It does not require a dark room to operate, detects a wide range of fluorescent dyes, and is best suited for RFLP and RAPD product analysis.

UV Transilluminator NUVT-100
  • Modern UV transilluminator with a fixed camera port rack
  • Nano-medical UV lamp with an intensity of 20 µw/cm away from the sample in line with measurement standard
  • Strong and uniform UV illumination
  • Camera port rack is compatible with many SLR cameras
  • Doesn’t require a dark room to be operated
  • Anti-UV observing window keeps the user safe from harmful UV rays
  • Suitable for observing nucleic acids and proteins
UV lamp 6 W × 10 pcs
Reflection Wavelength 254 nm, 365 nm
Transmission Wavelength 302 nm
Reflective filter size 200 × 80 nm
Transmission filter size 200 × 150 nm
UV intensity UV intensity from 20 cm away from the sample is 20 µw/cm
Power supply 220 V, 50 Hz
Packing dimension 480 × 395 × 535 mm
Packing Weight 7 Kg

UV transilluminator is used in molecular biology for nucleic acid electrophoresis gel analysis, PCR product detection, DNA fingerprint analysis, chromatography etc.


Tapping tools: 1
Camera plastic cover: 1
Power line: 1
Fuse (2A): 2
Certificate of Conformity: 1
Warranty: 1
User manual: 1

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