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Engine Tachometer NTCH-200


Engine Tachometer NTCH-200

Engine Tachometer NTCH-200 is a non-contacting type tachometer. Which is easy to measure the rotational speed just by bringing the detection head close to the high-tension wires of gasoline engines. It consists of two type parts, partitioned by a colon left part is for 2 circles engines and the right part is for 4 circle engines as follows. The engine type selected will be displayed on the display and memory storage is inputted in this device.

Engine Tachometer NTCH-200
  • Non-contacting detection enables an easy and safe measurement
  • It assures an accurate measurement
  • Wide measuring range & high resolution
  • Indicator shows how the signal is captured
  • Accurate rotational speed can be obtained in 0.1 or 1 r / min unit
  • When the battery runs out or the voltage drops, the battery signal at the lower left corner of the display panel lights up
  • The four-digit LCD is suitable for out-door measurement
  • Compact, lightweight and easy-to-carry, enabling one-hand measurement
  • ABS-plastic housing assures maintenance free performance for many years
Application 2-circle 1,2,3,4- cylinder
Application 4-circle 1,2,3,4,5,6,8-cylinder
Range Engine 100 to 20,000 r/min
Range Laser 2.5 to 99,999 r/min
Detection Method Engine Electromagnetic Introduction
Detection Method Laser Reflection
Detection Distance Engine 10 to 200 mm
Detection Distance Laser 50 to 500 mm, Max 2 m
Resolution 0.1/1
Accuracy ± ( 0.5%n + 1d )
Memory Max / Min / Last Value
Temperature range 0 to 50°C
Humidity ˂85 % RH
Dimension 178 × 68 × 39 mm
Power Supply 4 × 1.5 V, AA (UM-3)
Weight 164 g (without Batteries)

Engine Tachometer is used in departments of motor, fan, paper products, plastics, chemical fiber, washing machine, automobile, airplane and steamer.


Accessories no. Name
1 Reflective Tape 350 mm
2 External Antenna
3 Carrying case (B01)



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