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Micropipette NMP-105


Micropipette NMP-105

Micropipette NMP-105 is a single-channel, fully autoclavable micropipette with a capacity range of 20–200 µl. Equipped with a digital display that clearly reads the volume settings. It is utilized in molecular biology, biochemistry, and analytical chemistry for tasks that demand precise and repeatable measurement and transfer of small amounts of liquids. It is calibrated in accordance with ISO 8655/DIN 12650.

Micropipette NMP-105
  • Lightweight, ergonomic, low-force design
  • Autoclavable at 121 °C, 0.15 MPa
  • Covers a volume range of 20µl to 200µl
  • Equipped with a digital display
  • Easy to calibrate and maintain with the tool supplied
Volume range 20-200µl
Test volume 200µl 100µl 20µl
Micropipette tip 200µl
Increment 1µl
Accuracy error ±0.60% ±0.80% ±2.00%
Repeat Error ±0.15% ±0.30% ±1.00%

It is widely employed in microbiology, chemistry, and medical testing laboratories to transfer samples accurately and precisely.

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