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Ultra Low Temperature Freezer NULF-102


Ultra Low Temperature Freezer NULF-102


Ultra Low Temperature Freezer NULF-102 is a chest type cold storage system with lower temperature range of -40 C to -86 C. It is a microprocessor-controlled system that enables an effective long-term storage of biological specimens, serum, blood samples and germ cells etc. The digital display helps in effective monitoring of temperature fluctuations. It is equipped with a visual and audible alarming system ensuring the safety of the equipment against power or thermostat failure.

  • CFC free, mixed refrigerant gas system
  • Single compressor that functions as lower failure rate and energy consumption
  • 304 stainless steel internal structure
  • Exterior body composed of powder coated steel sheet
  • EBM low noise fan for stable performance
  • Universal wheels for easy accommodation
Temperature Range (-40 to -86 °C)
Capacity 458 L
Foam layer thickness 150mm
Cooling type Straight cold
Refrigeration system Single-stage
Cryogenic box capacity 324
Protective Class I
Climate Class N
External Dimensions 2115 × 895 × 1095mm
Internal Dimensions 1380 × 500 × 660mm
Packing Dimensions 2230 × 940 × 1245mm
Power supply (W) 530W
Voltage (V) 115V, 60Hz
Net weight 207kg

It has wide range of applications in Scientific research institutes, Cell culture laboratories, blood banks, and in areas like clinical research, biomedical and biotechnology based industries.


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