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Low Speed Centrifuge NLSC-103



Low-Speed Centrifuge NLSC-103 is a tabletop centrifuge with low centrifugal force that helps in precise separation of sensitive biological components, cells or chemical precipitates. The microprocessor-controlled system overcomes the adverse conditions like turbulence due to imbalance rotor and over speed. It is equipped with an electronic lid lock that ensures the safety of the equipment and of the user.

  • Compact and ergonomic design
  • Made up of stainless steel structure
  • It can store memory of more than 10 programs and recently operated program
  • Parameters can be revised at any moment during the phase of operation
  • LCD screen displays set parameters like speed and time
  • Interlock Electronic lid lock for safety purpose
  • Adjustable motor frequency with low noise operation
Maximum RPM 5000rpm
Maximum RCF 4390×g
Maximum Capacity 4×250ml
Timer 0min~99min
Speed Accuracy ± 30r/min
Power supply AC 220± 22V 50/60Hz
Current 5A
Noise ≤ 65dB
External Dimensions (L×W×H) 580×450×360 mm
Net Weight 39kg

It is widely used in research laboratories, hospitals and healthcare sectors, universities, also in biology, chemistry laboratories and in clinical research studies etc.


Rotor No. Rotor Type Maximum Capacity (mL) Maximum Speed (rpm) Maximum RCF (xg)
1 Angle Rotor 1210ml 5000 3500g
2 Swing Rotor 12 x 15 mL 5000 rpm 4390 x g
3 Swing Rotor 850ml 4000 rpm 2810g
4 Swing out Rotor 8100ml 4000 rpm 2810 x g
5 Swing rotor 3210/15ml 4000 rpm 2810 x g
6 Swing rotor 2410/15ml 4000 rpm 2810 x g
7 Swing rotor 1610/15ml 4000 rpm 2810 x g
8 Swing Rotor 4810/15ml 4000 rpm 2800 g
9 Swing Rotor 725/2ml 4000 rpm 3000 x g
10 Swing Rotor 4250ml 4000 rpm 3000 x g
11 Swing Rotor 4810/15ml 4000 rpm 3000 x g
12 Well plate 2296holes 4000 rpm 2210 x g

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