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Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer NHMS-100


Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer NHMS-100


Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer NHMS-100 is a motor driven stirring pan with constant supply of adjustable temperature and speed. The stirrer enables in achieving smooth mixing, dilution, dissolving and emulsification procedures under specified conditions. It is equipped with Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) stirring bar with non-wetting, high density and high temperature resistant properties. The magnetic stirrer is integrated with heating system to increase the solubility of a chemical compound.

  • Compact and ergonomic design
  • Capable of stirring large volumes
  • Adjustable Heating power and stirring speed
  • Smooth start and quick stop
  • User friendly operations
Maximum volume 2000 ml
Speed 100~200 r.p.m
Working Time Continuous
Minimum revolution 100 p.m
Maximum Temperature 380°C
Exterior Cast aluminium, Surface spraying
Plate size 120 × 120 mm
Driving mode Motor
Motor Power 10W
Heating Power 0.18 kW
Stir bar PTFE
Exterior Size (W × D × H) 200 × 120 × 90 mm
Capacity of plate 3 kg
Power supply 110 / 220 V
Net weight 3 kg

It is an essential equipment used in analytical laboratories and industries such as petroleum, chemistry, medicine, environment protection, biochemistry, education and scientific research etc.


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