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Colorimeter NCC-103


Colorimeter NCC-103


Colorimeter NCC-103 offers the specular component excluded SCE measuring condition, specially designed for color measurement of powders, pasty materials, colloids and highly reflective materials. Both the yellowness & whiteness measurement can be done using this colorimeter. This colorimeter gives ultra stable performance throughout the operations.

  • Can precisely test pasty material, powders
  • 8/d (diffusion illumination) system, SCE (spectral components excluded)
  • 2.4 inch LCD display screen
  • Measurement can be done at multiple spots for average readings
  • Can perform both yellowness & whiteness measurement
  • Can manually set up L*a*b* value for standard samples
  • PC software & data control
  • USB & Bluetooth for data transmission
Characteristic function Can precisely test pasty material, powders
Illumination system 8°/d (diffusion illumination), SCE (spectral components excluded)
Display mode Colorimetric values: L*a*b,L*C*h,△E*ab,XYZ,relative RGB values
Color difference values: △(L*a*b),△(L*C*h)
Whiteness values: hunter whiteness, Ganz whiteness
Yellowness value: YI
Display screen 2.4 inch LCD display screen
Measuring calibration About 8 mm
Measuring condition CIE 10° standard observation/ CIE D65 light source
Measuring range L* 1-100
Storage 100 sets of standard samples and 100 data groups for each sample
Measuring aperture 8 mm
Repeatability Standard deviation within △E*ab*<0.08
(Measuring condition: measuring white calibration board 80 times)
Measurement time 0.5 s
Light source LED halogen lamp
Power supply Four 1.5V AA sized alkaline battery or nickel metal hydride batteries/DC5V
Interface USB 2.0, printer
Dimension 77 × 86 × 210 mm
Weight 550 g

Colorimeter finds applications in dye and painting, decoration, Biotechnology, pharmacy food, printing industries for measurement of pasty materials & powders.


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