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Compressed air collector NCAC-200


Compressed air collector NCAC-200

Compressed air collector NCAC-200 is used to determine the microorganism according to the specifications of the new GMP method and the microbiological detection for phytoplankton sampler is up to 50L/min, 100L/min. In the sampling process, the input gas is not wasted, and 100% of input gas is applied to the process sampling. The core components are imported from the original two compressed air collector and compatible gases used are helium(hr), argon(Ar) and nitrogen(N) gas also Adjust the cavity pressure in the body, but on meter readings, observe whether the appropriate adjustment.

Compressed air collector NCAC-200
  • Flow control knob to adjust the cavity pressure in the body
  • Flow mater to check the pressure inside the cavity
  • During the sampling process, the gas is not wasted, and 100% of the input gas applied to sampling process
  • The products are widely applicable, safe and reliable
  • Easy installation and start-up
  • Compressed air into the mouth
  • Planktonic bacteria terminal interface
  • The dust particle counter interface
  • Noise range is less than 50 dB
  • Shell material SUS 304
Measurement Range ≥ 0.3 um @ 28.3 L/min, 50 L/min, 100 L/min Can be used for 50L/min, 100 L/min microbial air-sampler
Input pressure 0.1 to 1.0 MPa ( 30 to 150 psi )
Compatible with gas Nitrogen, Argon, Helium
Material SUS 304
Noise ˂ 50 dB
Dimension 150 × 300 × 200 mm
Weight 3.3 kg

Compressed air collector is wieldy used in medical device inspection institute, centres for disease control and prevention, pharmaceutical enterprises, hospitals and high efficiency filter manufacturer.

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