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Class III Biosafety Cabinet NBSC-401


Class III Biosafety Cabinet NBSC-401

Class III Biosafety Cabinet NBSC-401 is a leak-tight, ventilated safety containment cabinet with rubber gloves, attached to the system for user operation. As these cabinets are used for highly hazardous pathogenic groups, it features dual HEPA filteration in order to filter out the inflow as well the ouflow air. These cabinets are maintained under negative pressure and contain pass box/chamber that allows for sterlization of any contaminated products before they leave cabinet. These cabinets are best when working with risk group 4 microorganisms and the tight enclosure provides for excellent user as well as environmental protection.

Class III Biosafety Cabinet NBSC-401
  • Memory restoration in case of power-failure
  • UV lamp with 253.7nm emission to ensure efficient work area sterilization
  • Angled cabinet front to faciliate proper working posture
  • Audio and visual alarm for abnormal pressure & filter replacement
  • Double-filtered exhaust air through high-quality HEPA filters withefficiency of 99.999% for 0.3?m particles
Internal Pass Box Size(W×D×H) 430 × 330 × 355 mm
External Pass Box Size(W×D×H) 575 × 425 × 495 mm
Gloves 800mm butyl rubber gloves, 1 pair
Front Window 8 mm toughened glass
Display LCD display
Pre-filter Washable Polyester fiber
Pressure ≥ negative 120 P.a
Illumination ≥ 1000 lux
LED Lamp 16W×2
UV Lamp 30W×2, 8W×1
Work table material 304 stainless steel
Power consumption 1300 W
Power supply AC 220 / 110 V ± 10 %, 50 / 60 Hz ± 1 Hz
Interior dimensions ( W × D × H ) 1165 × 650 × 660 mm
Exterior dimensions ( W × D × H ) 1790 × 880 × 2080 mm
Weight 450 kg

Used in microbiology, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, life science and environmental research-based industries in order to safeguard the user, the product and the environment from toxic and hazardous contaminants.

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