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IR Carbon And Sulphur Analyzer NCSA-104

IR Carbon and Sulphur Analyzer NCSA-104

IR Carbon And Sulphur Analyzer NCSA-104

IR Carbon and Sulphur Analyzer NCSA-104 is a high frequency unit with a high precision TSC infrared detector with platinum IR ligh. It provides continuous heat and high spectral efficiency. Simultaneous analysis of both, high and low carbon and sulphur concentrations in one measurement is achieved which is ideal for measuring the mass fraction of Carbon and Sulphur in various specimens.


Measurement range Carbon: 0.0005 % ~ 99.9999 %
Sulphur: 0.0005 % ~ 99.9999 %
Analysis time (adjustable) 25 ~ 60 seconds
Burning power 2.2 kVA
Oscillation frequency 20 MHz
Analysis precision Carbon: RSD ≤ 1.0 %
Sulphur: RSD ≤ 1.5 %
Sensitivity 0.1 ppm
Reading Precision 0.0001 grams
Indoor temperature 10 ℃ ~ 30 ℃
Relative humidity < 75 %
Carbon analysis pool 1
Sulphur analysis pool 1
Sample weight 0.5 grams


  • 0.4 μm metal filter for separation of gas from dust
  • High precision flow controller ensures stable gas flow
  • Ceramic vacuum tubes and capacitors
  • Automatic high frequency inductive combustion furnace
  • Low carbon and high carbon pool
  • TSC infrared detector
  • Automatic overtime / overflow alarming system
  • Highly integrated electronic circuit
  • Power block ensures stable output
  • Self-cleaning device and ash removing system


Used for measuring carbon and sulphur in steel, alloy, cement and various other non-ferrous materials in new energy, metallurgy, mines, nuclear industry, automobile industry, aviation, food industry, research institutes, geology, petrochemical industry, etc.

Standard Accessories

Accessory NoAccessoryQuantity
1Main unit1
2High frequency automatic inductive combustion furnace1
3Electric balance1

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