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Class II Biosafety Cabinet NBSC-102

Class II Biosafety Cabinet NBSC-102

Class II Biosafety Cabinet NBSC-102

Class II Biosafety Cabinet NBSC-102 is a safety containment cabinet with type A2 safety level and HEPA filters. Equipped with digital display control panel for easy operation. features an airflow system of 30 % air exhaust and 70 % air recirculation and three protection such as sample, environment and operator. Built in with foot switch to avoid airflow turbulence caused by arm movement, motorized front window of two layered laminated toughened glass and anti UV, UV lamp for most efficient decontamination and remote control with all functions for easier and convenient operation.


Airflow system 70%air recirculation, 30% air exhaust
Cleanliness grade Class 100@>0.5 µm (U.S. Federal 209E)
Number of colonies <0.5pcs/dish hour (Φ90mm culture plate)
Average wind speed
Inside the door 0.38+0.025m/s
Middle 0.26+0.025m/s
Inside 0.27+0.025m/s
Front suction air speed 0.55m+0.025m/s (30% air exhaust)
Noise <65Db(A)
Vibration half peak <3µm
Power supply AC single phase 220V/50Hz
Maximum power consumption 500W
Weight 210kg
Internal size (W×D×H) 1040×650×620
External size (W×D×H) 1200×800×2100
Higher efficiency filter specification and quantity 980×490×50, 520x380x70
Specification and quantity of fluorescent lamp/UV lamp 20W×20W


  • Digital display control panel, easy to operate
  • HEPA filter ensures a clean environment in work area
  • Lighting sterilization system safety unlock Easy to move
  • The motor has strong power, low heat generation, low noise, energy-saving and power saving
  • Easy to clean, corrosion resistant, stainless-steel lining
  • Differential gauge with high strength plastic cover, visual permeability, clear angle, easy to view
  • Equipped with high brightness fluorescent lamps, safety interlocking of lighting and sterilization system
  • Base is equipped with universal wheels to facilitate the movement of the biological safety cabinet
  • Working area is equipped with sockets to facilitate the experiment plug-in needs.


Biosafety Cabinet Class II A2 is widely used in pathology, research laboratories, universities, colleges, and hospitals. It is suitable for use in microbiology research in the absence of volatile and toxic chemicals and radionuclides.

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