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Automatic Fraction Collector NAFC-100
Tube quantity 100
Maximum capacity 12ml
Time set 1 second to 24 hours
Display LED
Gas Chromatography Mass spectrometry NGMS-100
For GC - Injection port temperature 450 ℃, any temperature can be controlled
Flow rate 1 ~ 1.5 ml / min
Inlet temperature 450 ℃
Pressure control range 0-100 psi
Gas Chromatography NGC-100
GC Unit Maximum Capacity:- 23. 52 L
Temperature control index Oven at room temperature to 450 ℃
Accuracy ±0.01
Temperature control precision 6 ways temperature control
Gradient High-performance Liquid Chromatography NHLC-100
High pressure pump 2
Column C18
Column dimension 250cm×4.6cm
Injection valve 6-way ,7725i
Isocratic High-performance Liquid Chromatography NHLC-200
High pressure pump 1
Column C18
Column dimension 250cm×4.6cm
Injection valve 6-way ,7725i
Quaternary High Pressure Liquid Chromatography NHLC-300
Quaternary Pump Specifications:- Flow rate Range 0.001-10.000mL/min, 0.001mL increments
Flow accuracy ≤±0.2% (1.00ml/min, H2O, R.T., 8.5MPa)
Flow precision RSD≤ 0.06% (1.00ml/min, H2O, R.T., 8.5MPa)
Maximum pressure 50MPa (0.001mL/min-5.000mL/min) 20MPa (5.001mL/min-10.000mL/min)
Thin layer Chromatography Scanner NTLS-100
Spotting length 0 ~ 200mm
Spotting method non-contact strip spotting
Spotting width 0.2mm
Spotting accuracy 0.002
Vacuum-Type Glass Filtration Unit NVGF-103
Flask Volume 1000 ml
Flask Material Borosilicate glass
Funnel 300 ml
Funnel Material Borosilicate glass