Viscometer NVM-600

Viscometer NVM-600 is a rotational viscometer that helps the user through test creation and data gathering for fast, easy and precise viscosity measurements. Equipped with 5-inch colour touch screen display, it exhibits visual display of a variety of parameters and working conditions. The viscometer adopts ARM technology with built-in Linux system and a simple operational interface. As a result, it is an essential equipment that is widely employed in paint, cosmetics, ink, pulp, food, oil, starch, solvent and adhesive, latex industries.


Type LVDV1
Measurement range 10 to 2,000,000 mPa•s
Rotation speed 0.3 – 100 rpm, variable speed
Rotor L1 – L4
Accuracy ±1 % (Newtonian liquid)
Repeatability ± 0.5 % (Newtonian liquid)
Sample dosage 400 ml
Interface RS232 port
Operating temperature 5 ºC ~ 35 ºC
Operating humidity ≤ 80 %
Power supply AC 110V/220V; 50/60 Hz
Dimension (L × W × H) 300 × 300 × 450 mm
Gross weight 7 kg


  • Real-time display of time-viscosity curve
  • Standard temperature probe interface for temperature measurement
  • Automatic scan and display of recommended combination of rotor and rotation speed
  • Stores up to 30 groups of data (viscosity, temperature, rotor, speed, shear rate, shear stress, time, density, etc.)
  • Can be upgraded with ULR, Small sample adapters, PT100 sensor, printer, etc.


These models can be employed for low viscosity materials that include inks, oils, and solvents used in various processing units.

Standard Accessories

Accessories No Name
1 Standard rotors
2 Rotor cover
3 Power cable
4 Lifitng frame and tools

Optional Accessories

Accessories No Name
1 Enhanced ultra-low viscosity adapter (ULR)
2 Small sample adapters (rotors 18,25,31,34)
3 Temperature Probe/Sensor
4 Thermal printer
5 Constant temperature waterbath

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