Portable UV Disinfection Cart NUDC-100

Portable UV Disinfection Cart NUDC-100

Portable UV Disinfection Cart-NUDC-100 is a mobile cart equipped with a UV germicidal lamp that enables the irradiation of nosocomial and other pathogens via air recirculation in a dynamically controlled environment. It is featured with a key panel to set the operation for desired time intervals. The alarm cuts power off automatically once the set time cycle is completed allowing lower power consumption.


Lamp power 2×30 W
Wavelength 253.7nm
Lamp angle adjustment 0-180°
Lamp type G30T6L/2P
Timer disinfection period 0 – 60 min
Battery life 9000 h
Working temperature 5°C- 40°C
Working relative humidity ≤ 85﹪
Atmospheric pressure 86kpa~106kpa
Power supply 220VAC 50Hz/60Hz
Dimensions 105×21.5×33 cm
Weight 10 kg


  • High quality quartz lamp tube
  • Foldable, mobile, double lamp arm structure
  • Wide angle adjustment with 0-180
  • Low energy consumption lamp


It is widely used by medical faculties in hospitals, healthcare units, industries under production of health protective and safety disposables etc.

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