Tablet Friability Tester NTFT-100

Tablet Friability Tester NTFT-100

Tablet Friability Tester NTFT-100 is a pharmaceutical testing instrument used to assess the mechanical strength or friability of a potential drug tablet to ensure its resistance to physical stress that can be caused during the distribution of the finished drugs. The drums are made up of abrasion-resistant hyaline acryl material. It is a microprocessor-controlled apparatus equipped with an automation system with respect to functions like auto diagnose and auto alarm.


Number of cylinder units 2
Cylinder radius Ø 286mm
Cylinder depth 39mm
Tablet fall height 156mm
Rotation count 10-900 r
Rotation count accuracy ±1r
Rotation speed 20-90 rpm
Rotation speed accuracy ±1rpm
Power supply 220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz 1 phase
Power consumption 60 W
Dimension (W×D×H) 370×300×340mm
Weight 14 kg


  • LED display
  • Both the drums run simultaneously in synchronous movement
  • Drums are made up of high quality hyaline acryl material
  • Adjustable Speed and time laps
  • Auto-stop feature post testing process


It is widely used in determining the friability of tablets in the pharmaceutical industries, food and drug testing laboratories, Pharmacovigilance and Pharmacodynamics department in areas of Clinical research, animal feed and pesticides testing laboratories etc

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