Manual Lifting Rotary Evaporator NMRE-104

Manual Lifting Rotary Evaporator NMRE-104

Manual Lifting Rotary Evaporator NMRE-104 is an essential laboratory equipment that gently and efficiently distils out solvent from sample through evaporation. Integrated with manual lifting operation and digital display of parameters, it is user friendly and easy to monitor. It is especially suitable in processes like concentration, crystallization, separation and recovery of heat sensitive solvents and is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries, in research and development, in manufacturing and quality assurance laboratories.


Rotary Flask 5 Litres
Collection Flask 3 Litres
Cooling Surface 0.29 m3
Rotating Motor 40 W
Rotating Speed 0-120 R/min
Evaporation Speed >2 L/h
Temperature Range RT ~ 180 ± 2 ℃
Water Bath Dimension 280 × 170 mm
Water Bath Material SUS304
Water Bath Capacity 10 L
Voltage AC 110/220 ± 20V
Overall dimension 840 × 360 × 1100 mm
Weight 38 kg


  • Integrated digital speed and temperature display
  • PID temperature controller
  • Specialized motor for quiet and continuous operation
  • Acid and alkali resistant
  • PTFE discharge valve


Employed in QC and R&D departments across various pharmaceutical companies, educational institutes, food and beverage industries, environmental and feed analysis laboratories.

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