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Inverted Fluorescence Microscope NIFM-100

Inverted Fluorescence Microscope NIFM-100

Inverted Fluorescence Microscope NIFM-100

Inverted Fluorescence Microscope NIFM-100 is an advanced microscope furnished with Phase contrast and Infinity plan achromatic optical system that allows microscopic examination of the cell culture samples. It is equipped with high resolution camera and compatible software that aids in capturing high resolution images.


Optical System Infinity plan achromatic optical system
Observation Bright field, Phase contrast, Fluorescence
Filter cube 2-positional filter cubes
Light source For fluorescence illumination: 100W Mercury lamp; For transmitted illumination: 6V/30W halogen lamp
Viewing tube Trinocular, 45° inclined
Objectives For bright field and fluorescence: 10x / 0.25, 20x / 0.40, 40x / 0.65; For phase contrast objective: 10x / 0.25, 20x / 0.40, 40x / 0.65
Eyepiece WF 10 × (Φ22mm) with rubber eyecups; Central telescope for phase contrast
Nosepiece Five-position/quintuple
Condenser Rotary bright field and phase contrast condensor with working distance: 55mm
IPD adjustment 50mm ~ 75mm
Dioptre adjustment ± 5mm
Stage Double specimen holder with Fixed mechanical stage along with specimen holder for culture vessel
Fluorescence filter Standard Fluorescence filter B group(Blue): excitation wavelength 450-490nm; Standard Fluorescence filter G group(Green): excitation wavelength 495-555nm
Camera adapter 0.5X or 1X C-Mount
Camera interface 6.3MP camera, USB3.0 with adapter
Dimensions of stage 227× 208mm
Power Supply AC 110V/ 220V ± 10%, 50/60HZ
External dimension 830×420×570mm
Net Weight 27 kg


  • Digital Camera with 6.3MP resolution, 3072x2048 and with frame rate of 40fps
  • Featured with efficient image processing procedures like image stitching and focus stacking
  • High throughput analysis and documentation of microscopic images
  • It can perform functions like image capturing, video recording of phase contrast, dark field, bright field and fluorescence image
  • All metal and glass parts are equipped with anti-fungal coating
  • Automatic continous one-touch white balance
  • Coaxial coarse and fine focusing system with knobs on both sides with minimum adjustment graduation of 2?m
  • It allows easy transfer of data to the monitor or PC via USB3.0 interface


It is widely used for study of cell biology, cell structures, live imaging of cell cultures, fungal cultures, detection of early growth of Mycobacterium tuberculosis etc in areas like Cellular biology, Microbiology, Animal biotechnology, and oncology centres and Research and development sectors etc.

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