Constant Temperature Water Bath NCWB-106

Constant Temperature Water Bath NCWB-106 is a robust stainless-steel tank used to incubate samples in the heated water for a prolong period. It features a digital interface and an LCD screen making it convenient to set the desired temperature. It can easily accommodate lab wares like test tubes, conical flasks, beakers, etc. It is a laboratory essential that is frequently used in speeding up various chemical reactions and cell culture incubation.


Capacity 24 L
Temperature range RT – 100 °C
Temperature fluctuation ± 0.5 °C
Temperature accuracy ≤ ± 1°C
Tank material Stainless steel
Body material Stainless steel
Internal dimension (L × W × H) 620 × 320 × 120 mm
External dimension (L × W × H) 750 × 360 × 160 mm
Power 2000 W
Timer 0 - 999 min
Display LED
Voltage AC 110/220 V ± 10%, 50/60 Hz
Net Weight 12 kg
Gross Weight 13 kg


  • PID Microprocessor controller
  • Adjustable timer functions
  • Equipped with flat stainless-steel lid
  • Built-in drainage valve for easy maintenance
  • Visual and audio alarm


It is ideally employed for prolonging incubation of samples in microbiological, pharmaceutical, clinical labs.

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