Glass Water Distiller NGWD-101

Glass Water Distiller NGWD-101

Glass Water Distiller NGWD-101 is single distillation unit equipped with quartz glass heaters and condensers. It is featured with automated temperature controller system that effectively monitors temperature fluctuation of the heater. The automatic on/off switch function ensures safety of the distillation unit as well as of the user.


Water discharge 1800ml/h
Input power 1.5 kW
Distillation type Single distillation
Power Supply AC 220 V, 50Hz
Dimensions 700×200×680 mm
Weight 5.4 kg


  • Ergonomic and durable quartz tube design
  • Safe insulation and provides protection against harmful radiation
  • Environment and user friendly
  • Low maintenance with ease of cleaning framework
  • Effective resistance against corrosion


It is mainly used in the Chemical and solvent industries, Pharmaceutical industries and in areas like Biochemistry, Research and development sectors and Microbiological or Biotechnology laboratories.

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