Glass Water Distiller NGWD-100

Glass Water Distiller NGWD-100

Glass Water Distiller NGWD-100 is double distillation equipment equipped with quartz glass heaters and condensers. The temperature controller effectively monitors temperature of the heaters. The automatic on/off switch ensures safety of the distillation unit.


Water discharge 1600ml/h
Input power 3.0 kW
Distillation type Double distillation
Power Supply AC 220 V, 50Hz
Dimensions 780×340×800 mm
Weight 10 kg


  • Cost effective and durable
  • Safe insulation and Radiation Protection
  • Environment friendly
  • Easy to clean
  • Resistance to corrosion


It is mainly used in the Chemical industries, Pharmaceutical industries and in areas like Biochemistry, Research and development sectors and Microbiological or Biotechnology laboratories.

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