Rotatory Tablet Press NRTP-201

Rotatory Tablet Press NRTP-201 is a modern, convenient multi-station press machine with powerful motor that help produce large quantities of high-quality tablets. With several tooling stations, the powder or granular mixture is compressed between the die cavity to form tablets, thereby helping in pharmaceutical mass production. With low noise levels and easy operation, these machines are cost-effective investment in working spaces that require a large industrial machine.


No. of dies 12
Maximum tablet diameter 22 mm
Maximum tablet thickness 6 mm
Maximum filling depth 15 mm
Maximum force 50 kN
Power supply AC 220/380 V, 50/60 Hz
Rated motor power 2.2 kW
Maximum output 28800 piece/hr
Overall dimension 680 × 480 × 1200 mm
Weight 300 kg


  • High productivity with high output
  • Decreased waste of valuable formulation
  • Independent control of both weight and hardness
  • Double-sided compression for better final product


Employed for tablet making in pharmaceutical and food processing factories.

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