Multi-Position Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer NMHS-100

Multi-Position Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer NMHS-100 is designed with a motor driven multiple stirring pans that individually enables to perform various heating procedures like digestion, evaporation and dissolution etc. It is equipped with temperature sensors made up of platinum to effectively monitor temperature fluctuations and Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) stirring bar with non-wetting, high density and high temperature resistant properties. The work plate is made up of ceramic top coat that prevents it from chemical corrosion.


No of Positions 2
Stirring Bar Speed Range 100~1800rpm
Stirring Bar Capacity for each position 50ml-1000ml
Stirring Bar Speed Accuracy ±1 rpm
Work plate Dimension of each position 140 × 140 mm
Maximum Temperature of work plate 325°C
Temperature Range for each position Ambient to 400°C
Temperature Accuracy ±1 °C
Voltage 160-240V, 110-120V
Motor Power for each position 40W, DC20V
Rated Power for each position 350W
Net weight 7kg


  • Compact and Ergonomically designed work plate
  • All units can be controlled simultaneously as well as separate unit
  • Brushless motor aids in prolonged stirring time
  • Digital LED to display temperature and stirring speed
  • High magnetic adhesion work plate
  • Over Heat protection


It is widely used in Research laboratories, Quality control laboratories or any Laboratory set up that deals with precise laboratory procedures.

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