Dissolution Tester NDST-100

Dissolution Tester NDST-100

Dissolution Tester NDST-100 is a U-shaped vessel composed apparatus engineered to determine the velocity of dissolution of pharmaceutical tablets or capsules. The basket units and paddle units are made up of stainless steel with resistance to exposure of high temperature. The magnetism pumped circular water systems enables to maintain the uniform temperature of the liquid in the vessels. The microprocessor-controlled automation system accurately displays quantified data for temperature, rotational speed and time.


No of vessels 12
Speed range 20~200 rpm
Speed accuracy ±2 rpm
Temperature range Ambient to 45℃
Temperature Stability ± 0.3℃
Preset timing nine points 1~999 min
Time accuracy ± 0.3%
Paddle radial run-out ± 0.5mm
Basket radial run-out ± 1.0mm
Power 220V / 50Hz / 1200 W
Overall dimensions 960 × 540 × 480 mm


  • Six vessels at front and six vessels placed at rear position
  • Adjustable movement of head part
  • Auto test, auto diagnose and auto alarm
  • Time can be preset at many points
  • The beeper sounds automatically to any point
  • LED screen

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