Colony Counter NCOC-100

Colony Counter NCOC-100

Colony Counter NCOC-100 is a semiautomatic bacterial counting instrument with digital display. It is equipped the dedicated probe and counting window enable in accurate measurement of the bacterial colonies. The LED light source with magnifying glass on top enhances the visibility of the colonies.


Machine size 230 × 230 × 90 mm
LED light source lamp power 7W
Magnifying glass multiple 5-10 times
Counting range 0 ~ 999
Weight 2kg
Supply voltage 220V±10%,50Hz


  • Compact and ergonomic design
  • User-Friendly operations
  • HD display helps ease in recording
  • Leak-proof sealing ring
  • Easy adjustment of magnifying lens position
  • Beeping noise to avoid wrong counting


It is widely used in Scientific research and Pharmaceutical laboratories and industries such as food, beverage, medicine, biological products, drinking water etc. and clinical laboratories.

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